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  • 9:00 am: The All-Day Special with Dave Hailwood Featuring Nick Rowland's Property And Pensions Hour at 10.30
  • 1:00 pm: Leapy Lee's Wednesday Show
  • 3:00 pm: Big Ones & New Ones with Andy Henley
  • 5:00 pm: Stafford's World
  • 6:00 pm: Dave Mac's Retro Chart Show
  • 8:00 pm: The Livewire Interviews


Expat Living is a lifestyle magazine and website that focuses on the latest happenings in and around Singapore, offering tips for making the most out of the Lion city, from events and entertainment to property, décor, fashion, beauty, food and travel.
It’s a must-read for anyone living in Singapore!


Ex Pat Radio is an online digital radio station for English speaking ex pats all around the world, offering up a diverse array of programming covering an eclectic taste in music, topics, interviews, competitions, news and politics; our goal is to present in styles that will provide a little bit of home, nostalgia and all round radio entertainment.

We believe it is essential for a radio station to engage with listeners by hosting shows that engage with a wide range of age groups. Whatever your personal taste in music, be it rock, dance, hip-hop, disco, motown, country, northern soul, classical or golden oldies, you can be sure to find something that resonates to your own tastes.

We are proud of our association with charities. If you would like your charity featuring on our “Charity” page please get in touch.

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9:00-13:00 The All-Day Special with Dave Hailwood

13:00-15:00 Leapy Lee’s Monday Show

15:00-17:00 The Country Show With Lee Williams

17:00-18:00 Dave Hailwood Repackaged

18:00-19:00 Digital Blues with Ashwyn Smith

19:00-20:00 The Arts Show with Mike Madden

9:00-13:00 The All-Day Special with Dave Hailwood


11:00-12:00 Lorraine’s Coffee Pod

13:00-14:00 Supersonic 70s With Geoff Dorsett

14:00-15:00 Northern Soul With Peter Marsham

15:00-17:00 Retro Chart Show with Andy Henley

17:00-19:00 Country Classics with David Sibbald

19:00-20:00 Cafe Americain with Terry Mackley

20:00-21:00 Colin’s Choice with Colin Scott

21:00-22:00 Timesweep With Dominic Forbes

9:00-13:00 The All-Day Special with Dave Hailwood


11:00-12:00 Gaynor Morgan

13:00-15:00 Leapy Lee’s Wednesday Show

15:00-17:00 Big Ones & New Ones with Andy Henley

17:00-18:00 Stafford’s World

18:00-20:00 Dave Mac’s Retro Chart Show

20:00-21:00 The Livewire Interviews

21:00-22:00 Relaxation Hour With David Sibbald

22:00-23:00 Love Zone With Alex Nicol


9:00-13:00 The All-Day Special with Dave Hailwood

13:00-14:00 The Beatles Box With Peter Marsham

14:00-16:00 Vinyl Days With Alec Nicol

16:00-17:00 Relaxation Hour With David Sibbald

17:00-19:00 The Country Show with Lee Williams

19:00-21:00 Retro Chart Show With Andy Henley

20:00-21:00 Gamechangers With Gareth Davies

21:00-22:00 Leigh Banks


9:00-13:00 The All-Day Special with Dave Hailwood


12:00-13:00 The Friday 3Some with Connie, Tracy and Lorraine

13:00-15:00 Leapy Lee’s Friday Show

15:00-17:00 Timesweep With Dominic Forbes

17:00-18:00 Northern Soul With Peter Marsham

18:00-19:00 Solid Gold 60s With Geoff Dorsett

19:00-21:00 Big Ones And New Ones With Andy Henley

21:00-22:00 The Arts Show With Mike Madden

22:00-23:00 Supersonic 70s With Geoff Dorsett


09.00 Solid-Gold 60s – Geoff Dorsett

10.00 Colin’s Choice – Colin Scott                    

11.00 Digital Blues – Ashwyn Smyth              

12.00 The Livewire Interviews                            

13.00 Beatles Box – Peter Marsham

14.00 Dave Mac’s Retro Chart Show               

16.00 Country Classics – David Sibbald         

18:00 A Kick Up The 80s – Geoff Dorsett

           21.00 Dave Hailwood Re-packaged  


09.00 Love Zone – Alec Nicol

                            10.00 Café Americain – Terry Mackley                          

                             11.00 Sunday Brunch – David Sibbald

                            13.00 Stafford’s World – Mark Stafford

                             14.00 Sunday Bandstand – Chris Helme

                             16.00 Dave Hailwood – Re-packaged                            

                            18.00 Nostalgia Club – David Sibbald

                             19.00 Leigh Banks

21.00 Vinyl Days – Alec Nicol               

The Presenters

David Hailwood: The All-Day Special

David has been a radio presenter and dj for the past 30 years. He was the resident dj in two well known night clubs in Manchester for many years before moving over to the west coast of France in 2004.

He wanted a complete change of lifestyle but still had the idea of continuing his djing career.He realised that there was a big need for help for expats who moved abroad to start small businesses.They had very few ways of gaining exposure and clients so David launched Expat radio in the spring of 2016.
In the first few months of the station being launched it had been nominated as the best radio station for expats around the world by the readers of the Expatriates magazine.In the stations 3 year history they have won this prize 3 years running.The station now has over 110 countries tuning in daily and a listenership growing rapidly around the world.
This is all down to a fantastic team of people who have come together from different parts of the world to create Expat radio.Without this amazing team the station wouldn’t exist.
Expat radio is going to be expanding by launching a station for different Languages from around the world,And also within the next few years David is planning to launch Expat tv as well.

David Sibbald: The 60s Show, Nostalgia Club, Relaxation Hour, Country Classics and Sunday Brunch

David is from Edinburgh and taught Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French for most of his working life throughout the UK, as well as English as a Foreign Language.

For ten years he owned a restaurant in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and found it a marvellous experience and great way to meet people. Since 1996 he has been a radio broadcaster, serving first in North Yorks with his Nostalgia Show on a local station, then in Wetherby with his daily Breakfast Show.

The opportunity to work on ExPat Radio means he can share his knowledge of music of the 50s in his Nostalgia Club on Sundays at 6pm, Wednesdays at 5pm and Saturdays at 1pm. David remembers his being at school in the 60s and is pleased to offer his ‘wee stories’ about those tracks on Fridays at 6pm and Saturdays at 9am. He often has a ‘glass of wine in hand’ for his Relaxation Hour, helping you to wind down after a busy week, on Fridays & Saturdays at 6pm. Since retiring, David has discovered a new musical interest – country music, and not just from the rootin’-tootin’ days of country & western, but incorporating the latest releases, so offering a mix of past and present but always with a country flavour. Finally, David’s Sunday Brunch programme is when he can be daft and play a mix of music from the 1950s to the 2010s, with a bit of a laugh too.

David has been with ExPat Radio pretty much from its inception and is pleased to be a member of the team!

Andy Henley: Old Ones & New Ones and Retro Chart Show

Join Andy on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 3 for his Old Ones & New Ones and on Tuesday and Thursday at 3 for his Retro Chart Show.

Dave Mac: Dave Mac’s Retro Chart Show

Join Dave Mac for the total chart countdown for two separate years in history every Friday 7pm to 9pm in France (6pm-8pm in the UK) here on ExPat Radio.

Nick Rowland

Nick comes from Liverpool and is a father of four.

He started and ended his career in banking, but was also a senior civil servant for many years, where he supported government ministers, writing policy and preparing speeches.  He later trained as an Internal Auditor specialising in IT.

Then he was headhunted by a major bank, where he eventually rose to a very senior level, with teams all over the world. Whilst at the bank Nick started to invest in property, and following a divorce and redundancy in 2018, he jumped at the chance to follow his passion, property.

He now has over 20 years’ property management experience, covering buying, renovating and operating a sizeable Buy to Let portfolio, and an extensive knowledge of operating Houses in Multiple Occupation and Furnished Holiday Lets in the UK and Spain, including developing a farm in Portugal.

Now he’s diversified into the growing Serviced Accommodation (SA) market, both as an owner and now as a Managing Agent.  He is also a mentor on property, with particular focus on the over-50s, advising them how they can grow their income and pensions.

Nick’s show covers all things property and personal finance, and will hopefully prove that even after divorce, redundancy, and increasing age, it’s never too late to start a new, exciting, life.

Listen to Nick on Wednesdays from 11.30-12.30 French time, 10.30-11.30 in the UK.


Contact Nick at nick.alchemy@gmail.com.

Rosemary Conley CBE

Rosemary Conley CBE is one of the UK’s foremost diet and fitness experts with 46 years’ experience in helping people to lose weight and get fitter. Rosemary was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours in 2004 ‘For services to the fitness and diet industries’

Rosemary has written 37 books on diet and fitness and presented 31 fitness DVDs/videos.  She has presented over 400 cookery programmes on television as well as presenting her own series on both BBC and ITV in addition to appearing on This Morning for seven years and more recently on Loose Women. She is also Chairman of Rosemary Online, a world-wide digital weight-loss club.

Justin Toper:


Colin Scott: Colin’s Choice

Colin’s weekly music programme encompasses a mix of Jazz, Big Bands and Vocal.  He tries to cover a wide range of music and stories behind the recordings. Being a massive jazz fan, his taste covers a fairly wide spectrum – from Luis Russell to George Russell, or if you prefer, from Harry Barris to Barry Harris!

On the Big Band side, along with the Swing Era Greats, I also try to include lesser known masters in my programmes – Don Redman, Edgar Sampson and Sy Oliver. Similarly, with vocalists, Colin endeavours to include the great Song Vocalists, together with some fine but lesser known singers such as Carol Sloane, Sue Raney, Jeanie Bryson and on the male side, Johnny Hartman, Steve Lawrence and Dennis Lotis.  Such artists are seldom heard on the airwaves these days.

Klavs Simkus

Used car expert and problem solver. Founder of CarExamer.com, Social media blogger. Radio presenter.

As a child of a car mechanic, I had a lifelong passion for cars. With over eighteen years’ experience working in the motor trade, my experience as a vehicle technician has given great insight into how to effectively inspect and value cars. My experience includes positions working with Bosch Dealer Network, Auto Electrician Workshop, Ford and the AA Roadside Assistance.

I have a background working with all grades of cars, from family saloons right through to supercars from Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, M Series and Cobra.

I am mentored by global business leaders like Grant Cardone and Warren Buffet I have a huge vision to improve the process of buying used cars all over the world.

Lee Williams: The Country Show

Fifty Years in British Country Music starting off as a singer in the 60s touring all over the world with his various bands playing alongside Many of the major stars of that time including Johnny Cash, Merle Travis, The Glaser Brothers and so many more.

Early 70’s saw Lee change to management and agency representing most of the leading names of that time, and touring US Artists on a monthly basis. He also got involved with radio in the mid 70s at Radio 210 Reading, Wiltshire Radio, GWR Radio Swindon, then onto the BBC in Swindon and Oxford, until launching the first CMR Radio in the mid 90s on Sky TV.. He also joined Music Choice on Sky TV programming all their country channels.

Twenty years ago Lee founded ‘Europe’s #1 Country Music Radio Station, CMR Nashville with a monthly reach of around 700,000 around the world available on line, via its own app and other apps on all devices including Smart Speakers. Recently CMR Nashville picked up the Leading Country Music Radio Broadcaster Award for 2018 from the LuxLife Hospitality Awards.

Lee also owns Django Promotions an Artist Development/PR/Promotion company for artists from both the USA, Europe and Australia. Django Promotions has picked up for the last two years the Best Country Music Artist Development / PR – Europe from the Global Entertainment Awards.

Lee hosts a 2 hour show weekly, featuring Star Interviews, New Releases, Latest Hits, and Country Classics. The show is produced at CMR Nashville, but is networked to various FM, AM, DAB, and Internet Stations around the world, including RTI in Slovakia, Renegade Radio in Nashville, The Wireless on DAB in London, First FM Oxford, 105.5 FM Swindon, Vita Radio on DAB in Manchester, Wey Valley FM in Alton, and Beach Life Radio in Florida. 29 in total and growing.

Lee Williams received the 2013 CMA International Broadcaster of the year Award from the Country Music Association in Nashville, and just recently the 2018 Award for Excellence in Radio Broadcasting.

Over the last couple of years Lee has been producing 4 TV shows a week under the CM&T Banner for Sky Television. He is now involved with a new TV channel coming soon CMETV along with other professionals in the TV world. CM&T Now is currently broadcasting 24/7 at www.cmandt.tv along with its own app, featuring videos from Independent artists.

Lee has also received The Service to Industry from British Country Music Awards, and the UK Country Radio Awards

Go to his website www.cmrnashville.com to the Presenters page to view a more involved bio of his journey from singer to Industry professional.

Steve Hart: Coll Nights Jazz Show

Steve Hart hosts the Cool Nights jazz show, on ExPat Radio on Sunday and Thursday afternoons. (Our evening schedules were already full so he has to go out in the afternoon!)

Born in London, Steve’s first time ‘on air’ was as at a hospital radio station where he hosted various shows as a volunteer for more than 10 years. Before training to become a journalist, and working in the newsrooms of both Essex FM and BBC Essex, Steve was a professional night club DJ, a presenter at Radio Top Shop (instore ‘radio’), and he hosted the breakfast show at Basildon Radio. He has written and published a short science fiction story; Mayan and The Legion of Alice.

Dominic Forbes: Music Of Years Gone By

As Dominic Forbes takes you back to the halcyon days of Rock – and sometimes even Roll. Strap yourself in for a nostalgic ride through the News, Movies and most importantly, Music of years gone by on ExPat Radio on Sundays at 7pm and Fridays at 1pm.

Peter Marsham: Northern Soul Show & Groove Line Show

Peter was born on 7th December 1974. His mother has sadly never got her figure back. The number one that day was You’re the First, the Last, My Everything by Barry White. He’s worked on the radio for 25+ years and is still getting away with it as he’s lolling about here.

Make sure you have the talc and lino down ready for our Northern Soul Show with Peter – playing some classic, rare and special versions of those marvellous songs for fans old and new. And if you enjoy 70s and 80s disco music then listen to The Groove Line show with Peter too. Beatles fans need look no further than his Beatles Box – all here on Ex-Pat Radio.

Terry Mackley: Cafe Americain

Terry began his musical career in Blues and Soul bands in the 1960s touring extensively in the UK Europe and the Middle East.

His passion is for the music of the 1920s to the 1950s performing songs by Hoagy Carmichael, George Gershwin, Cole Porter , Rodgers and Hart and many others of the great songwriters of this period.

For the last ten years he has been presenting very successfully, to many organisations and groups a programme of 1920s to 1950s songs with stories and anecdotes about the songwriters, composers and performers.

His radio programme Café Americain features a wide selection of music that originates from the 1920s through to the 1950s with vintage and more contemporary recordings.

Swing, Jazz, Blues, British Dance Bands, music from shows and films and anything else that fits.

Why Café Americain?

It’s the name of Rick’s bar in the film “Casablanca”.

Connie-Lee Bennett: Friday 3some

Connie-Lee Bennett is the CEO of Meraki Group and fabulous founder of the Meraki Therapy healing technique and the Meraki online academy with the aim of bringing holistic psychotherapy to the awareness of modern society.   She loves to ask “who are you?” and encourages her clients to rediscover their own answers. She shares that growing up people used to commend her on how confident she was but how this was just a mask she was hiding behind to cover up the self-judgement and self-criticism she constantly felt.  After 15 years in the field of Psychology she explains that she has awaken to and lives who she truly is.  She is no longer hard on herself and helps people to freely live in alignment with their hearts and not the expectations of society.  It is this journey that has made her methods so effective because she works to uncover the root of her client’s pain and once the source is identified she provides the tools to help her client’s design a life of fulfilment.  Currently writing her third book, Connie practices Holistic psychotherapy (in which she was voted the ‘Best in Paris’ in 2016 via Expatriates Magazine) and Heal Your Life® coaching both online and one-to-one, leads certified Heal Your Life® workshops, is an international public speaker, a Radio Personality on Expat Radio, has appeared on International TV, international radio and featured in International Magazines and has co-authored and authored over 6 books. She is also the Regional Director of the Global Woman’s Magazine Club in Paris and the host of the Global Woman TV Paris Show.  Find out more at www.connieleebennett.com  and www.merakitherapy.com

Tracy Edwards: Friday 3some

Tracy has always had a great interest and love of people, with a business background managing restaurants and pubs in her 20’s. Over the last 17 years owning a groundworks company in the Kent area.  

Tracy also has a passion for empowering other people with a gift for working with client’s energies and understanding their inner nature through working with her intuition and her spiritual link. Working with clients energy as a Reiki Master and also an energist, removing emotional blocks within a client’s body and energy field. 

Making appearances on TV and radio speaking about energy and realising your own potential through understanding your inner self.  Working internationally with Ghostcircle TV and presenting her own radio show on the US News for the Soul Radio, has allowed her to meet and work in the field she loves empowering people and bringing through connections from spirit.  

Tracy enjoys co presenting The Friday 3 Some with David Hailwood, Connie Le Bennett and Lorraine Findlay every Friday.  The show is always fun with an original topic each week full of inuendo and banter. 

Life is what you make it, so make it happy.  



Lorraine Findlay: Friday 3some

A loving mum to three boys and a successful business woman.

Lorraine has turned her passion for business into a business and is the current owner of certain eclectic ventures including salons, Merchant Services provider and commercial property investor.

Lorraine’s true passion however is in the field of health , wellbeing and personal development.

Lorraine is a certified Holistic Nutritionist , Confidence Coach and NLP&CBT practitioner.

Lorraine truly believes the quote,

“ It’s never too late to be what you might have been “

If we avail ourselves to the benefits of good nutrition , exercise and positive mind work we can be the best version of ourself.

It’s the daily disciplines that achieve the lasting results .

Get in touch with Lorraine


Facebook Lorraine Findlay

Instagram lainiefindlay_1969

Mike Madden: The Arts Show

Mike has worked for many years in the IT industry, as a result of which he has been quoted in publications as prestigious as the New York Times. However, until recently writing has been very much a part-time occupation. He published the children’s picture book Ole And Zac And The Port Of Tumbattle, and he followed this with the adult humorous fiction novel Stags!

Mmm…No1…Cookbook was his first venture into non-fiction, and was conceived simply to bring a bit of order to his sometimes chaotic kitchen by putting all of his everyday recipes in one place.

His first publishing contract was with Music Mentor Books with whom he published the acclaimed authorised biography Mike Sanchez Big Town Playboy with foreword provided by Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant.

In 2017 he created Elvis Under The Covers, exploring the legacy of Elvis Presley through the artists who have recorded his most often covered original songs. Once again the foreword was provided by a musical icon, in this case glam-rock singer and musician Suzi Quatro.

His latest title, The History Of Zombies, was released in March 2018. This novel is aimed at young teens, with the somewhat optimistic ambition of getting them off their X-Boxes and into a book!

All of these titles are available in paperback and Kindle formats, with the exception of Mike Sanchez Big Town Playboy, which is only available in print.
He has had several articles published in newspapers and magazines, on subject matter ranging from the growth in Print On Demand publishing, to articles on Olympic hopefuls, and even a preview and review of a performance by rockabilly legend Sleepy LaBeef, that included an interview with the singer himself. He regularly undertakes interviews with star performers at the Leek Blues & Moorlands Americana Festival, where his pieces often feature prominently.

He has also performed as an after dinner speaker on a number of occasions, as a result of another of his passions, playing amateur cricket.

Originally from Sale in Cheshire, Michael now lives with his wife Sally in the more peaceful surroundings of Whaley Bridge, in the Peak District.

For more information visit Michael Madden’s website